“Codependency” ft. Jay Phoenix

“codependency” is a song i wrote back in 2015. it’s about being in an unhealthy relationship. some relationships are driven by partying because it’s an escape. when you party things are fun and it feels like love but really you’re just on a high, and you need to be for the relationship to feel right. that’s what inspired the lyrics.

it was a long time coming. i connected with jay in july and rewrote some parts to include experiences from other relationships too.

this track is more than a breakup song to me now. it’s deep, self-reflective and emotional. “codependency” was therapy for me. there was so much i needed to say before i could truly let go.

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Producers Social Celebrates 4 Year Anniversary!

I am so excited to celebrate 4 years of Producers Social this Wednesday, November 8 at Indigital Studios in Hollywood! I’ve been a part of the team since February and I’ve never met a more dedicated group of people. Everyone at Producers Social has each other’s best interest in mind. It’s such a selfless, supportive community we are cultivating and I’m so proud of all the hard work we’ve put into these events this year.

If you’re an LA based music producer, musician or vocalist, then I highly recommend you join us. We will be showcasing original music from local talent all night long. It’s going to be epic!

About Producers Social:
Producers Social is a monthly event where music producers of varying genres and styles share music in a stimulating and creatively conducive environment. Not only will you get professional feedback, you are given an amazing and unique opportunity to meet other like minded producers in a free flowing environment.

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“i woke up from a dream. it wasn’t necessarily a nightmare but i definitely woke up feeling uneasy. the protagonist of my dream is who this song is about.” -LUNA


I… I don’t want to stay
I can’t erase my mind is stained
No I… don’t know what to say
My heart is frayed he’ll never change


i’ve been struggling to let go of an experience. what’s particularly hard is that i know what happened, and i know it happened more than once, but i honestly can’t remember the incident(s). i remember what took place before and how i felt after but nothing in between, and the hazy black out period has been haunting me since. what’s unknown to my memory isn’t unknown to my body or my subconscious. flashbacks hit me often, making it feel impossible to find closure. lack of closure is what this verse is about.

NEW SONG: Lil Luna – “Good Things End (Prod. By Chris Baaske)”

Please take a minute to listen to my new single “Good Things End”- out now on SoundCloud. “Good Things End” is an indie pop track with tropical-electro vibes and future bass undertones. The track is produced by Los Angeles based musician/producer, Chris Baaske. It is one of a series of collaborations we have done together. I hope you enjoy!


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Lyrics of the day

Morning ritual escape is critical
Temporary burns from the touch of a restless romance
Spotless mind color coded, emotions like the Earth eroded
Holding on for something real, can’t breathe, can’t sit still
Warmth turns melancholy, one of us is always sorry
Change is in the air wanna talk about it with our bodies



Experimental pop queen, Grimes is on a level of her own and it’s changing the way in which females execute their music, particularly as solo artists. Having just released her fourth album, Art Angels- out now via 4AD, Grimes is set to bring her dynamic live performance to LIB with a headlining Lightning Stage debut that is sure to entice.

Grimes, known for her unorthodox showmanship, otherworldly appearance and “girly” voice, is one talented, fun performer to watch. This girl does everything from singing her own vocals, to engineering her own beats… and did we mention she is a self-taught multi instrumentalist? Grimes really does it all, and she does is completely ALONE! With a synthesizer by her side, Grimes builds beats and loops from the ground up during her live performances, only to step away from the mixing equipment to command the stage while she full-on sings her ethereal music. She truly is a one-woman show, and it’s incredible. You won’t want to skip out on Grimes’ as she glosses over LIB!

Alina Baraz:
alina baraz

2015 was a breakout year for rising singer-songstress, Alina Baraz. Alina, blooming after the successful release of her debut album Urban Flora featuring production partner Galimatias, will make her Lightning Stage debut with a live performance that will leave you spellbound.

Alina first gained momentum last year with sultry hit singles like “Fantasy” and “Make You Feel,” which garnered Alina Baraz & Galimatias an immediate following. Both fans and industry moguls alike recognized the sensual appeal behind Alina’s enticing voice and Galimatias’ airy, flirtatious musical compositions.There’s no denying the allure behind AB&G’s music, and it’s really no surprise how much hype was made over the full-length premiere of Urban Flora- out now via Ultra Records. The album was widely received by critics as it exquisitely crosses several genres- including hip hop, dance and pop. The pair toured the album late last year, capturing an even bigger following and earning AB&G a nomination for “Album of the Year” at the inaugural Electronic Music Awards & Foundation held on April 23 on Fox.You won’t want to miss this angelic girl sing!


She may have got her start with Skrillex back in 2014 but Mija has been a bossgirl from the start. Rocking a seafoam green do and a “f*ck genres” attitude, Mija is totally changing the game for women in electronic music. This year she’ll be fronting the Thunder Stage and showing the boys up with another insanely dope genre-crossing DJ set.

Mija is part of the OWSLA crew and has released several singles and mixes through the label. She’s also toured with a number of the artists on their roster, and was even part of the Full Flex Express tour last summer. She is one of very few female DJs out there touring with legendary artists like Skrillex and Diplo, among many others. That just proves we are witnessing a legendary female artist in the making, and Mija earned it all on her own! Her sound is unquestionably congenial and vanguard, qualities that make her music enjoyable for everyone- and timeless. It makes sense that she is completely booked through the summer, landing performances at all the biggest festivals in the US. Her set is one you definitely CANNOT miss at LIB. It’s going to be lit!

Rainy day raps continued…

my ex guy on the streets slanging, i be on the moon swinging
notoriously mind changing, one thing on my mind singing
swear i’m not the typa girl you taking home to momma
cuz i’ll be playing games until my closet full of prada
addicted to the drama, mermaid mafia, primadonna
latina with an attitude y no me diga nada